St Michael and All Angels Church, Middlewich
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East Window Click to enlarge

The Decorated style east windows comprise one large window of three lights with a single window on either side. The magnificent central window is best viewed when the early morning light enhances the brilliant reds and blues.

P1030358a.jpgThe central light is a figure of the Archangel St Michael with sword in hand and the slain dragon (Satan) at his feet.  He is dressed in a crimson jewelled robe and wearing a gold crown with a cross on it. (Rev 12: v 7-9)

In the left-hand light is a seated angel dressed in pink and white robes, with raised hand pointing to Heaven.  The inscription across the angel reads, “Nunc est hic surrexit”, “Now he is risen”.  In the right-hand window are two angels; one wearing a green robe, the other is in blue and white.  The text in this window is “Hic Jesus qui assumptus est in ratum sic veniet”, “This man Jesus, who was taken up [understand ‘to heaven’], thus shall come again at a certain time” [understand temporis or temporem with ratum].  Across the bottom of the three lights are the words, “Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth”, “Holy Holy Holy Lord God of Hosts”.

Below each of the lights is a small panel depicting an angel and a quotation.  From the left the angels are wearing red/purple, green and blue/purple robes. The inscriptions read:  “Non obiit”, He is not dead; “In memoriam Elizabeth Nugent. MDCCC” , In memory of Elizabeth Nugent 1800), “Requiesrere abiit”, He has gone to find rest.

At the top of the window, there are nine tracery lights, with three complete quatrefoils containing paintings of angels, each seated on a cloud. They are also dressed in red/purple, green and blue/purple robes.  The three inscriptions read: ”Gloria in excelsis Deo”, Glory to God in the highest; “Timere Deum”, Fear the Lord; and “Et adorate Eum”, and adore Him.

P1050550 cropped.jpgThis window was painted by David Evans in 1856, renowned as an outstanding stained glass artist and a pioneer of Victorian stained glass. He was born in 1793 and christened at Llanllwchaiam, near Newtown, Montgomeryshire.  He was apprenticed to John Betton, a Shrewsbury glazier; eventually becoming his partner in 1815.  Evans assisted with the prestigious task of installing 16th century stained glass in Lichfield Cathedral. However, Betton’s and Evans’ most important restoration work was undertaken in 1821-28 when they were entrusted to restore the late 14th century glass of Winchester College Chapel to its original brilliancy.

P1030356a left.jpgThe single light windows on either side of the main panels are more subdued, with delicate blues, gold, white and silver. The window to the left is of Saint Mary Magdalene standing on a column holding a jar of precious ointment of spikenard. Her initial ‘M’ appears in a quatrefoil at the top of the window. (Mark 16: v1, John 20: v1).

P1030356aRight.jpgThe window to the right depicts Saint John, also standing on a column and holding an open book. (The Gospel).  His symbol, an eagle sits at his feet and his initials SJ appear at the top of this window.

During the restoration of 1892, a single light was also fitted in the south wall with sedilia beneath.  This window has a brass plaque alongside with the following inscription: “This sanctuary was extended and improved to the glory of God and in memory of Martha Earl (1850-1940).  Consecrated on Palm Sunday 1962”.

Additional information:

The east window was raised by three feet as part of the chancel restoration: see Citation dated 12 October 1892 No. 538.

East end extension 1893.jpgEDP/193/2/1/5: Design by Douglas & Fordham, Chester, July 1982 (Alterations and Additions to East End).

David Evans Glass Painter – Google

Winchester College Stained Glass, Archaeologia, 1972 – Google.

John Harvey’s and Dennis King’s full story of various restorations and some of the retrieved glass.

Faculty for two stained glass windows representing St Mary Magdalene and St John the Divine to be placed one on either side of the larger window in the east end of the chancel. Faculty No. 756 dated 31st January, 1900.

Mary Magdalene – Wikipedia

John the Evangelist - Wikipedia

The two single windows were in honour of Thomas Haddon and a brass plaque on the north wall of the chancel reads:

“To the glory of God

and in memory of Thomas Haddon

Born July 1st 1841. Died June 17th 1898.

These two side windows were filled with glass.

The gift of his widow and

children. A.D.1900.”

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