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Tucked away in the darkest corner of the Nave, next to the Tower, is the North Aisle Western Bay Window. It was installed in 1903 and the dedication reads as follows:


‘Erected to the Glory of God and in loving memory of Anne Joule and her sisters, Elizabeth Cook Chatterton and Helen Chatterton of Stanthorne Lodge. by Walter, Julia and Adelaide Joule, son and daughters of the former MDCCCC111’

The windows in the North Aisle are Victorian and their deep colours are a feature throughout the whole building, in keeping with the other windows in the Church that are in memory of members of various families who were prominent Church goers. This window is the only one in this Church with any connection to the Salt Trade.  The Joule family were salt manufacturers.

According to Morris & Co's Directory, 1874 (Middlewich Township Pack no 37) in their Trade Directory, they list 'JOULES' CHEESE SALT WORKS' as having a business located in Pepper Street which was established in 1756.  The same Township Pack contains an entry from 1874, advertising the same company, as a

Celebrated CHEESE SALT Works

thus supporting the claim that this is St Michael’s 'Salt Window'.  View the advert here.

Charles Dickens once stayed at Stanthorne Hall during the 1800s and, as this is around the time that he wrote Great Expectations, it is believed that the character of Miss Havisham was inspired by a spinster who lived in Stanthorne at the time. It is thought that a young woman who lived in Stanthorne Lodge unmarried and alone, who was jilted on her wedding day, was very similar to the character of Miss Havisham.(1) (2)


A window of 4 LIGHTS, 10 TRACERY lights, in the PERPENDICULAR style, typical of early Medieval Buildings. It is made of local Sandstone, block and mortar construction.

There is a pointed arch, with interlinking Y-Bar tracery, in the Perpendicular style. This gives an appearance of 4 concentric arches:  4 separate arches, 2 groups of 2 arches, 1 group of 4 arches, hinting on a GEOMETRIC shape.

The tracery lights are in 2 distinct sets (Y-Bar tracery)

The decoration is repeating panels

This section of the Church was constructed circa 13th to 15th century. The Window lights are dated 1903.

The main lights are in 3 sections.  The upper portions are an elaborate display of arches, gables, towers and turrets.  The lower panels depict 4 arches into 2 pairs, with differing colour palettes.  Each central section illustrates a Bible story cameo.

Windows, reading left to right:

Christ preaching to the Multitude - Jesus talking to a group of 5 figures.  He is clad in a scarlet robe over a white tunic.  His NIMBUS or HALO is 3-rayed, which is used for Christ alone. He has dark hair. The ground beneath appears grassed.
Scriptural refs:  Matt 4:23-25 / Matt 5:1-12 / Mark 8:1-10 / Luke 6:17-19

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Behold, I stand at the door and knock/Christ knocking at the door - the scene shows a wooden structure and set of stone steps.  Jesus has the 3-rayed Nimbus and carries a wooden staff and a light.  There are a number of Biblical symbols to be seen - a red carnation plant, the symbol of pure love ; a staff, the representative symbol of the Good Shepherd ; a light, Jesus is the light of the world.  His cloak is blue, over a white tunic.  He can be seen raising His hand to knock on the door.  His hair is blond.
Scriptural ref :  Revelation 3:20

I am the Good Shepherd/Christ the Good Shepherd -  a busy scene showing Christ guiding a small flock of sheep.  He has the Christ-alone 3-rayed Nimbus, with red cloak over a pale tunic.  The ground is grassed.  In the background appears to be hills or high ground;  sheep were grazed on the hillsides of the Holy Land.
His hair is dark.

Scriptural ref :  Matt 7:13-14 / Matt 18:12-14 / Mark 6:34 / Luke 15:3-6 / John 10:4-16 / John 10 : 27 / Psalm 23

Christ healing the sick/raising the dead - Jesus blessing a recumbent man, on either a bed or couch.  The room is furnished with tapestry/curtaining, suggesting a bed chamber.  Jesus is wearing a crimson cloak and white or pale tunic with gold coloured sleeve adornment.  He is wearing sandals.  His hair is blond.
Scriptural ref :  John 9:1-15 / John 11:11-13 / Matt 8: 16-17 / Matt 15:31 / John 9:1-15

1. http://ccpublishing.co.uk/Archives/stanthorne.html

2. Local research by Avril Morgan (pdf)

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