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St Michael and All Angels Church, Middlewich www.middlewichparishchurch.org.uk
Resurrection Window Click to enlarge

The Resurrection window is of Perpendicular style and consists of 4 lights and 10 tracery lights(1).

The main lights are round-headed windows.

This window depicts the Resurrection. “Very early in the morning, while it was yet dark” – or so it appears because the sky in the background is quite a dark blue, except in the top left-hand corner, where the three crosses are still to be seen but the sky is perceptibly lighter. In this window we have two tableaux.

In the two left-hand panels we have the three Marys – Mary Magdalene in the forefront, has a canister of spices to anoint the body of Jesus. They are confronted by an angel with arm uplifted. These two panels represent the words, “He is not here, He is risen”.

In the right-hand pair of panels, Mary Magdalene kneels before Jesus and he also, like the angel, stands with arm uplifted. Rather strangely, the lily, normally the sign of the Virgin Mary, appears at the other Mary’s side. These two panels illustrate the words, “Touch me not, for I am not yet ascended to my Father”.

The colours of this window are very rich, deep purples, reds, greens, blues and browns, but there is plenty of light in the foreground with the heads and faces of the characters, and the angel, in white. Fantastic and exotic-looking plants can be seen in the middle distance, and blue, pink and red flowers grow round the feet in the foreground.

Each panel has a decorative arch with flowers above it. In the Tracery panels at the top of the window are four angels with musical instruments, and the heads of a further six angels.

J2.jpgUnderneath the window is a large plate inscribed:- “This window was erected by the parishioners of Middlewich in grateful acknowledgement of the devoted and faithful services, as vicar during a period of 45 years, of Isaac Wood, late archdeacon of Chester, and as a memorial to his beloved wife. He died 7th June, 1865, she died 18th March, 1864, and their bodies sleep in a vault beneath”.

Their vault is located outside the South wall below the window.

Isaac Wood was responsible for the reordering of the church in 1856/57. The plaster was removed from the walls and ceilings. Galleries on the west end were removed. A new oak panel nave roof installed. He also donated the Flemish and Jacobean fittings throughout the church.


(1) ‘lights’ are the main panels, ‘tracery lights’ are the small windows above the main panels.

(2) Window descriptions from ‘The Story of the Windows at St Michaels and All Angels Church Middlewich’ by E.S.Bailey

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