St Michael and All Angels Church, Middlewich
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Welcome to the HERITAGE TRAIL in St. Michael and All Angels Church, Middlewich.

The Trail is an exciting project designed to reveal the fascinating history of St Michael’s, its contents and its people, and the links they all had to the town of Middlewich through the centuries.

Funded entirely by the Heritage Lottery Fund, it has been brought to you by a dedicated team of church members who have spent over a year studying and gathering information from a variety of sources, including ancient texts, and compiling it into this unique single record.

The purpose of this website is to enable you to dip into that research to discover for yourself the stories and activities which otherwise may have been lost forever.

If we can take up just a couple of minutes of your time after you have been around the Trail we would be very grateful if you could complete the short questionnaire to let us know what you thought about it all. The questionnaire is available here in the website and also in paper form in the church.

Navigating the site

When you OPEN the Trail you will be at the starting page for 24 ‘Stations’ around the church. A plan of the church highlights and numbers the location of each station. You can press the station number on the plan to go directly to the appropriate page or you can scroll down the list of the stations below the plan to identify what each one is. Pressing (or clicking) a picture will produce a full screen enlargement of the station and pressing the number or its name will navigate you to the page.

The display stands and printed leaflets all have a QR code so if your handheld device has a QR reader you can be automatically directed to the station’s page.

Three routes of navigation

Once you have started the Trail you will see three sets of directional arrows near the top of the page. If an arrow is filled with a colour it is available for using. Right arrow takes you to the next in the sequence, left arrow moves to the previous one in the sequence, up arrow to the first, and down arrow to the last.

The lefthand set, labelled TRAIL, navigates around the Trail in numerical order from 1 to 26.

The middle set, labelled TIME, enables you to move around the website, and the church, in historical date order in relation to the page you are currently viewing.

The righthand set, labelled TOPIC, guides you through stations related to the theme of the page you are viewing. For example, if you are studying the page about the East Window you can quickly navigate your way around the other windows, missing out the stations in between.


Instead of reading the page text at each station you can listen to it being read for you while you look. Press the ‘Play’ button on the audio player to activate the recording. For the benefit of others on the Trail we would ask that you only use this feature if you have headphones attached to your device.



Research team leader - Anne Latham

Team members - Miriam Sant, Jo Hulse, John Currie, Cynthia Sant

Photographs* - FollowTheHatPHOTOGRAPHY

Website - Alastair Griffiths of ChurchInspire.UK

Acknowledgements - Cheshire Records Office, Middlewich Library, Philip Andrews, Tony Bostock, Allan Earl, Gill Ikin, Kerry Kirwan, Andrew Woode

* indicates pictures by Steve Broadfoot / John Currie

Buy the Heritage Trail book Available as a downloadable PDF at £7.99 Or in printed form from £47.69 The £5 surplus on each purchase Will be paid into the Restoration Fund click to view and/or purchase